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She’s a fan of wool yarn
She walked, jumped, and run
She smelled good like a fragrant
Her life was really full of fun

For your information,
You’re the one who made those things happen
You’re the one who created that world of enjoyment
You’re her master, best friend, and true companion

Yet, just remember
No life lasts forever
No beginning without an end
But, God always makes a perfect plan

Maybe it’s the poison, virus, bacteria, bad food, or flea
Maybe it’s you, the doctor, a friend, a guy from the shop, or me

I only know one thing for sure
In her limited time in the world
You’ve given so much love, care, and affection
Now, it is God turn

Bye Baby Beybee, don’t hesitate, don’t cry
Go jump and catch that butterfly!

[Didedikasikan untuk seseorang yang kehilangan kucing kesayangannya, Beybee]